If you are a sports club, then you can benefit from your members buying tickets for our events by signing up to our Cashback scheme.

How does it work?            


The Cashback Scheme is free to join and is a perfect way for your club to generate additional funds.


Firstly, we require the club to sign up to the scheme. This involves a short registration form to be completed so we have all the relevant details and then once you are signed up to the scheme you can start earning additional money.

Put simply, for every ticket that is sold for any of our eligible events, we will return 10% of the ticket price to the club that introduced the ticket. For most of our events, that would mean for every 10 tickets sold the club would receive around £50. This will be paid direct to your bank account shortly after the event takes place. And there is no limit on how much you can earn on the scheme. 


All that we ask is that the people booking the tickets advise us of the club name at the time of booking. Unfortunately, we cannot process any retrospective claims.

For each of our events, we will send you all the details for you to publicise amongst your members and contacts, so as many people as possible can have access to the offer.

So, don't delay and sign up today and start earning some extra cash for your club.

To sign up, please contact us for more details.